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The Butler Exhibit      Click this


CM3 one-man-show Feb1-09 Closed March 1-09
AGATEDHistoryofHistoryof History2

Works Exhibited at The Butler Institute of American Art,
 Youngstown, Ohio

The "Human Condition" is reflective art in real time as a collection of
digital prints composed from impulses; that mental stuff zipping around
in all our heads like bits of psychological soup or any number of the
multitude appropriate metaphors of inside-outside colliding vectors of
mass communication and personal communication.
These works are printed on paper, and as a result contain some surprises,
delivering crackling artifacts of our culture
as well as fresh bases of positive new myth and iconography.

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The Butler Institute of American Art
The Butler Institute is the first museum of American art. The original Structure, dedicated in 1919, is a McKim,
Mead and White architectural masterpiece listed on the National Register of Historic places. The museum's
mission is to preserve & collect works of art in all media created by citizens of our country. The Institute's
holdings now exceed 20,000 individual works, and the Butler is known worldwide as "America's Museum."
The Butler collection spans works from four centuries and a short list of contemporary artists includes Georgia O'Keefe, Edward Hopper,Romere Bearden, Robert Rauschenberg, Chuck Close, and George Segal, all showing
during their lifetimes.  Check out the work of Charles Mingus III, the curent show at...

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"I have been a collector of Mingus since 1970 when I was introduced to him by Sam Shepard. His work has constantly excited and surprised me and now, over three decades later,I believe he is producing the most compelling work of his career so far!"  -Albert Poland

Work in progress
one-man show, February 1, 2009

The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio

     "Silence is Golden"  

Copyright © Charles Mingus 2008  Influences and criticism
 [   The first play I ever acted in... ]     
The Skin of Our Teeth
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Charles Mingus III

Paintings, Installations, Sculptures, Computer Generated Images

Allan Stone Gallery  
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New U.S. Release

The Collector (Documentary)By JOE LEYDON

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A Floating Stone Prods. Produced, directed, written by Olympia Stone.
Watching Olympia Stone's affectionate and intelligent bio-docu about her father -- New York-based
art dealer and collector Allan Stone --is a pleasant experience, one roughly akin to viewing a casual
acquaintance's unexpectedly witty homemovies. Provided, of course, said acquaintance is the child
of a charismatic eccentric who was a friend and champion of such artists as Willem de Kooning and
John Chamberlain. Just the right length at a smidge over one hour, "The Collector" will play best on
homevid, and may sell exceptionally well in museum gift shops.

From the early 1950s, the elder Stone used his Manhattan gallery to showcase a roster of favorite
artists (ranging from abstract expressionist
Franz Kline to photorealist Richard Estes) while filling
his sprawling Westchester home with an eclectic multitude of paintings, sculptures, kitschy knick-knacks
and tribal totems. (His second wife, Clare, and their daughters, including Olympia, recall having to
constantly forge new paths through the ever-expanding clutter.)

A self-described "obsessive" when it came to acquiring art in massive quantities, Allan Stone took as
much pleasure in discovering and promoting artists whose works had been repeatedly rejected before
they appeared at his gallery.
Only half-jokingly, he claims an infallible instinct for knowing instinctively which artworks "cut the
mustard." One of the pic's most amusing and illuminating sequences details how, at a time when
Wayne Thiebaud couldn't generate interest elsewhere, the artist found a receptive audience for his
deceptively simple paintings of cakes and pies at the Stone gallery.

As Olympia Stone fashions an intimate portrait from archival material and talking-heads interviews --
including several conversations with her gregarious dad, who died last December shortly after the
pic wrapped --"The Collector" sustains a tone of bemused admiration neatly complemented by

Jason Graves' jaunty, jazz-flavored score.

"The art experience for me is a narcotic," Allan tells Olympia at one point. "The Collector" suggests
that he never tired of seeking new highs.

'The Collector'
Allan Stone stands in his art gallery with daughter Olympia, who directed docu 'The Collector.'

Camera (color/B&W, DV), Daniel Miller, Lloyd Fales, Stone, Daniel Aklba, Vladimir Minuty;
music, Jason Graves; sound, Miller,
Ray Day. Reviewed on DVD, Houston, April 18, 2007.
Running time: 62 MIN.

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   The Mingus Art Store

    Charles Mingus III

     Paintings, Installations, Sculptures, Computer Generated Images


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Ripped and Torn - Group SHOW
December 6 - 22, 2008
Gallery Thomas Jaeckel

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